Meet the innovators, designers, and software developers who are part of building HunchLab.

Kenny Shepard

Software Developer
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Derek Dohler

Software Developer
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Hector Castro

Operations Engineer
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Matt Williams

UI/UX Designer
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James Santucci

Software Developer
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Vanessa Paige

Product Specialist

Tyler Gilcrest

Project Manager


Robert Cheetham

President & CEO

Prior to founding Azavea in 2001, Robert was a crime analyst at the Philadelphia Police Department where he first dreamed of building a system to automatically sift through crime data to draw attention to unusual crime patterns. At Azavea, Robert built a crime spike detector software based on this initial goal. And so began the journey of HunchLab from an initial prototype to securing research funding from the National Science Foundation to today’s cloud-based solution. Robert’s vision to deliver advanced geospatial analyses over the web has resulted in a company of over 55 employees with unmatched innovation within the GIS industry. His work has gained recognition from B Labs for the unique company culture at Azavea, from Common Cause for his work toward more transparent redistricting, and from Esri for his innovative government solutions.

Jeremy Heffner

Product Manager & Senior Data Scientist

Over the past six years, Jeremy has spearheaded law enforcement projects and research at Azavea. His responsibilities have included predictive modeling of long and short term crime risk with Temple University and writing the statistical models powering Rutgers University’s Risk Terrain Modeling Diagnostics Utility. Lately, Jeremy has been delivering talks on prescriptive policing concepts and techniques to forecast space-time events at the International Association of Crime Analysts Conference and Strata. Jeremy led HunchLab’s transition from an on-site software solution to a cloud-based SaaS product. He continues to advance HunchLab’s vision of making intelligence-led policing more accessible to law enforcement agencies of any size.